Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's in a Name?

6 more weeks to go before our due date.  The husband and I have a dilemma.  No, not a pediatrician for the baby (though we haven't really found one).  It's a predicament that I think some, if not all, parents may encounter.  Especially if you're overly fastidious like us.  Well, we haven't decided on our baby's name yet.  

We have a long list since we always try to consider the name, how it sounds with our last name, its meaning and whether it fits our child's personality (which I'd say is quite difficult to tell at this point). Some of the more popular ones in our list and their meanings are as follows:

Johnathan: combination of John and Nathan; God's gift
Nevin: holy, little saint
Lorenzo: crowned with laurels (a personal favorite)
Niccolo: victory of the people
Joaquin: God shall establish
Sage: wise one
Francis: free
Emilio: industrious

The list goes on and on... 

But, what truly is in a name?  It's been defined as a label for a noun, to distinguish one from the other. It is used to identify a unique and individual person.  There you have it.

However, wouldn't you agree that all of us are unique in our own  ways even if we're named with the same one as a hundred or even a thousand other people?  

According to U.S. statistics,  James is the number 1 name for men at 3.3% which is equivalent to 4,064,550. On the other hand, Mary is the number 1 name for women at 2.6%, equivalent to 3,220,525.  Same names, different individuals, unique personalities. 

Names have wonderful meanings behind them, yet we should never let it define us.  We have different backgrounds, upbringings, cultures etc.. etc.. Hence, we should be the one to define our names. 

The name doesn't make a man/woman, it's definitely the other way around.

6 more weeks, I think we still have time... Until then, we're open to suggestions. 


Leah said...

Those are beautiful names... Lorenzo sounds nice and I love the meaning. :-)

Joy said...

Thanks sis! I personally like Lorenzo and Enzo is a nice nickname... =)

Bionica said...

Lorenzo is a very nice name =)

NANCYXO said...

I like the name Sage, its unique and it will make him unique.

xo nancy

Anonymous said...

Lorenzo is nice. Nevin is nice, too. How about Lorenzo Nevin. :)- SASA

Sher said...

Nevin sounds cute! But Lorenzo is equally nice:)


Joy said...

Bionica: Thank you! I think so too! =)

Joy said...


Thanks for dropping by! My hubby actually likes the name Sage. =)


- Joy

Joy said...


Hi! Thank you... Lorenzo Nevin is nice. =)

Joy said...


Thank you for thinking so... We'll consider both.


anks said...

Oh trust me, I am sailing in the same boat.... :) picking out names... have u looked at some names of African origin? They sound exotic and have nice meanings too...

Anonymous said...

Lorenzo is a nice name and it is actually my youngest son's name (Daniel Lorenzo).

Imogen said...

I love this picture of you, so beautiful. I recently saw the photo shoot on Leah's blog and I really liked it. I like Johnathan out of your list the most. I imagine choosing a name must be so hard especially for a boy. I personally think that would be harder but maybe that just me.

Joy said...

Hi Anks!

Thank you for the suggestion... African names are interesting. We'll look into it.

- Joy

Cosmic said...

All the above are lovely names! Shamans tend to favour the auspiciously-fragrant herb, Sage to cleanse and purify the atmosphere(sage smudge sticks:). Sages tend to be very wise men too!

I love the traditional Matthew, Oliver, Alessandro, Justin etc. as well as something a wee bit different:)

Whatever you decide to name your precious baby son will be lovely for sure:)


Joy said...

Hi Cosmic!

Thanks for the suggestions... Sage seems unique hence my husband really likes it.

- Joy

Joy said...

Hi Imogen!

Thanks for dropping by... Love this picture too. My sister always does a fab job of shooting!

Johnathan is also a favorite of my hubby and me. It actually combines my initial with his - J and N. =)

I agree with you it's harder to think of boy's names.

- Joy