Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Lately, I often find myself looking up.. No, not upon the clouds above, though it would really be nice... I'm actually always looking up to the ceiling of our house, especially the corner spots.  It's like I'm expecting to see some gathering of dusts which I would immediately clean, save for some hard to reach places which I'll ask my hubby to try to clean for me.  

The other day, I've washed all my baby's clothes with a pediatrician recommended soap.  Folded them and stack them neatly in the cabinet. I did the folding over and over.  I've also packed and repacked my labor bag several times. Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom with a toothbrush.  I don't want to see any signs of hard water or molds.  I disinfected it from top to bottom with bleach.  And now that it's sparkling, I'm actually quite satisfied...Today, I cleaned the kitchen - sink, stove, counter tops etc... And then it was followed by the bath tub.  It was quite rewarding cause I've been wanting to have a warm bath for some time now.  Obviously, I did after cleaning it... Only to end up cleaning it again afterwards.  

Oh yes, I'm definitely nesting.  It's the name given to the distinctive urge to clean, tidy and organize during pregnancy.  Many say it could even be a sign that labor and delivery could be very close at hand.  Amazing!

Females of different animal species experience a similar pattern of preparation during pregnancy.  It is believed that females, from birds to lions, are programmed to have the nesting instinct to ensure the survival of the off springs after birth.  

Moderation is key and I always try to have a lot of breaks as I tire easily... The aches and pains I've been feeling the past weeks is still here.  However, the excitement for the arrival of the new addition to the family just keeps me going.  Hmmm... I'm now eyeing our windows.  I wonder if I can clean it all or should I ask the hubby to do it for me? Time to go back to work! 

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Nursery Project Part 3

The nursery is now baby ready...

Beddings: Restoration Hardware Baby (RHB)
Crib: Graco

Picture Frames: RHB and Michael's

' Just need to fill these in 
with baby photos later on.

Dresser/Changing Table: Graco
Diaper Pail: Munchkin

Lamp: RHB

Crib mobile: RHB

Bookcase: Ikea
Glider: Best Chairs
Baskets: Michael's
Roman Shades: RHB

I'm so excited to spend time here with my little one... 
Nursing, playing, reading stories 
or just to have plain mommy-baby bonding time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Feel So.... Pregnant!

My husband and I went up north on a 4-hour drive last weekend and then we went to a Father's Day celebration at his parents place the following day... I was so tired.  I thought that I could just sleep it off and will all be better come Monday but it's just not the same. I have lots of pains... My hands and feet are swollen and tender, I find it difficult to walk around and I have this constant ache all over.  Oh yes, I'm also on my 36 week of pregnancy which I believe is the main culprit. It's just a few more weeks, I know... However, I didn't expect to be this tired all the time.  It's like having a huge hang-over which I couldn't seem to get over from.  

My only consolation is my active little bud... He seems so oblivious of his mom's aches and pains.  I still play music, sing to him and read books out loud which I feel he's responding to all the more these days.   He already has a routine.  I know when he's awake and asleep.  I also know when he's most active.  And I just love it!  Thankful for his vitality...

I may be suffering a little, but I know that every single aches and pains means I'm getting  closer to meeting him. I may feel so pregnant, yet definitely feel more alive now that I have this baby in my womb gearing up for his grand arrival... 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Wonderful Man I Call Dad...

For all that I've been
For all that I am
For all that I'll ever be
I owe it all to you...

Dad with the gorgeous ladies in my family
Sasa, Nica, Babes, Dad, Me and Leah 

Happy Father's Day to the Best Dad!

Love you forever! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photos Speak A Thousand Words

My sister, Leah, is in town... 
And what better way to have bonding time
 than to have our prenatal photo shoot with her.

Enough said... =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Welcoming Party

We had a fun-filled baby shower and barbecue last weekend...

The hubby and I

Hosted by our perfectly gracious and fabulous siblings.

Leah (my sister) and Leonard (hubby's brother)

With lots of food, laughter and games!

Mom-in-law measuring my belly

Guess the baby food

Guess who won? This baby - Genevieve!

Guess the chocolate on the diapers

Hubby, Leah, Leonard and I

Gifts and surprises!

Baby toys

Happy mom. =)

Thank you, Leah & Leonard for an awesome baby shower! xoxo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby Love

I knew I loved you before
Loving you now even more
Can't wait for the time
When I can finally hold you...

Love like this 
I didn't know exist
Oh child of mine
Hear your mother's voice!

I love to feel you move
Every precious moment
The closer we become
This bond so strong... Grows forever!

The Nursery Project Part 2

It's pretty much coming along... The crib's up.

As well as the dresser/changing and side tables...


Now, time to get organized! 


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Nursery Project Part 1

I have always liked warm earth tones. Browns, Taupes, Beige... Call it boring but I guess, that's just the way I am. There's just this "zen-like" feel to it that makes me warm and fuzzy all over. Hence, choosing our baby's room color was no exception. We settled with an Ivory White and Toast color for the walls to match the White furnitures and Silver Sage theme of our beddings and accessories.

We painted one side Toast and the other 3 in Ivory White to make the room as bright as possible.

I'm very satisfied with the colors. Simple neutral tones that would definitely make the furniture pop!

Painting done! Next on the list is the crib... Time to tell the hubby to start putting it up! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Minds, Mommy's Music and Dr Seuss

I have been reading a book about brain building games for babies... And I thought just how fascinating children can be. They can actually hear mom's voice and listen to music and stories told to them while inside the womb... I've gathered that it is through this that they begin to construct the foundations to their future intellectual and emotional self.

Hence, for my little button in the womb, I have been playing a lot of classical music even if I'm not really the classical-music-type of gal. Sometimes, I find myself listening (and dancing!) to a lot of Lady Gaga's... Hey! Whatever works, right? Besides, I can feel my baby likes it based on the number of kicks he's doing. 1 kick = like it, 2 kicks = love it, 3 kicks = crazy about it and kick on the ribs = hate it, next! haha... Kidding aside, I honestly think he's becoming more fond of music as we move closer to his due date. I'm getting more reaction than before!

I have been reading to him as well which seems to lull him to sleep... He especially likes Dr Seuss' Cat in the Hat. Well, no problem! As long as he is picking up the sound of my voice...

I definitely will continue reading Dr Seuss books and play my Ipod for him daily...

Photo Credits: Google Images