Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Renzo Turn Seven Months

Little Renzo...


not so little


Sponge Bob and Sunglasses
Wide hat and ocean water
We're so excited for Spring
All the more for Summer!

Friday, February 18, 2011

First Rice Eating Ceremony

Annaprashan literally means "feeding rice" in Sanskrit. It is also known as Bhaatkhulai in the Garhwal hills, Mukhe Bhaat in Bengal or Choroonu in Kerala. Annaprashan is primarily a Hindu ceremony (though Parsis also have a similar ritual) that symbolises the beginning of the weaning period in your baby’s life. - Baby Center

That said, we did a modified version of the Annaprashan sometime in January to celebrate Renzo's first solid food.  In this case, his very first rice cereal.  It happened on a bright Saturday morning, the day before he was to be dedicated. Renzo's dad and I made sure that our little baby had enough sleep the night before so that he'll be ready for the big day ahead.

I prepared the rice cereal mixed with milk formula.  We then sat him on his high chair and begun the "ceremony".  We also took several photos and videos of the event.  He looked kind of funny when he first had a taste of the rice mixture probably wondering what's going on and why his milk seem different texture-wise. 

Renzo is a very curious kid... Like most babies, he just tried a little bit of the food, tasting and playing with it.  He was very excited and overall content after a few small taste.

Afterwards, we did the other part of the "ceremony".  We laid down several items that would represent his interest in the future... Our items were 1. A Bible 2. Stethoscope 3. Football 4. Music Sheet 5. Ruler  6. Camera 7. Mouse 8. Dental floss (any guess?).  All of the items represents careers as well as interest in sports and music. We decided to have him pick 3 items.  

And guess what he picked first?

 A Stethoscope. And that made me beam with so much pride! Stethoscope = Doctor. I'm simply overjoyed. The other two items were the football and the mouse. ( I have to say though that Renzo's Dad was actually coaching him to get the ball which he did... So I don't know if he was just being a good boy or he really wants the ball.  Anyway, my hubby wants him to become a quarterback.) 

Happy baby makes happy parents! This was another memorable day for us and I'm very glad to have shared them with you.

One thing's certain, whatever career path or interest Renzo chooses, we will always be there to support him.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Renzo Turns 6 Months

Happy 6th Month, Renzo!