Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Feel So.... Pregnant!

My husband and I went up north on a 4-hour drive last weekend and then we went to a Father's Day celebration at his parents place the following day... I was so tired.  I thought that I could just sleep it off and will all be better come Monday but it's just not the same. I have lots of pains... My hands and feet are swollen and tender, I find it difficult to walk around and I have this constant ache all over.  Oh yes, I'm also on my 36 week of pregnancy which I believe is the main culprit. It's just a few more weeks, I know... However, I didn't expect to be this tired all the time.  It's like having a huge hang-over which I couldn't seem to get over from.  

My only consolation is my active little bud... He seems so oblivious of his mom's aches and pains.  I still play music, sing to him and read books out loud which I feel he's responding to all the more these days.   He already has a routine.  I know when he's awake and asleep.  I also know when he's most active.  And I just love it!  Thankful for his vitality...

I may be suffering a little, but I know that every single aches and pains means I'm getting  closer to meeting him. I may feel so pregnant, yet definitely feel more alive now that I have this baby in my womb gearing up for his grand arrival... 


Cosmic said...

Motherhood is indeed a sacrifice, Joy! have you been drinking yor raspberry leaf tea? I wish I can wave a magic wand to wave away those aches and pains:) On a positive note it's good to hear that your priority is your baby(You are a loving and conscious mama and it will be all worth it in the end, hang in there! not long to go now:)
Have you wrote your birthing plan yet? That might help you take your mind of any physical discomfort. Have you hired out a birthing pool?

One love!


Cosmic said...

Try lying on your bed(anywhere where it's cozy and snug:) with feet / legs up on wall, might ease the discomfort!


Joy said...

Hi Cosmic!

Thank you for these reminders... I have started working on my birth plan. I'm still thinking if I should get a birthing pool since we have a large enough bath tub at home... I would like to labor in water and stay at home as long as I can before going to the hospital.

Just a few more weeks... Let me go and have that raspberry leaf tea.


- Joy

SASA said...

i understand what you're going through. hang on there! we are so excited na for baby's debut! :) we love you baby bubot!

Joy said...

Hi Sasa! Thank you! I'm hanging on! =)


Leonard C. Sabalvaro said...

Sister, I can't wait to meet my new nephew. Just a few more weeks. I know he is very lucky - having a mom like you and a dad like Nelson! I am praying for your safe delivery!

Barry said...

As you know I like to focus on the beauty of pregnancy. The emotions, the beautifully round shapes that the body takes on etc.

The aches and pains are of course a significant part of it all, but (and I hope this doesn't sound sexist or ignorant as I'll never know what it's like to go through pregnancy), to me there's a certain beauty in that pain. Because it shows what a woman is willing to go through to bring another life into the world.

Maternity is an incredibly selfless thing, the ultimate expression of love. Being able to read your thoughts and feelings through this is a privilege.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

This is so beautifully written, kind of inspiring, even! I love it how you went from descriving your sort of negative experience up to all the positive things that outweigh all!!