Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Welcoming Party

We had a fun-filled baby shower and barbecue last weekend...

The hubby and I

Hosted by our perfectly gracious and fabulous siblings.

Leah (my sister) and Leonard (hubby's brother)

With lots of food, laughter and games!

Mom-in-law measuring my belly

Guess the baby food

Guess who won? This baby - Genevieve!

Guess the chocolate on the diapers

Hubby, Leah, Leonard and I

Gifts and surprises!

Baby toys

Happy mom. =)

Thank you, Leah & Leonard for an awesome baby shower! xoxo


Leah said...

It is our pleasure. Love these photos. You are one beautiful mom-to-be. Parang girl ang laman ng tyan mo. Hehehe!

Joy said...

Thanks sis! If it's a girl, then we have to think of girl names instead... =)

I posted part of the prenatal photo shoot on FB...


Cosmic said...

Really natural and beautiful(you guys are blessed:)

Thanks for sharing, Joy!

Your parents must be soo, soo proud of you all:)


Joy said...

Hi Cosmic!

Thank you so much! =)


Sarah M said...

awwwwwwwww cute photos!! :) omggg i wish u the bestest in motherhood! :)

and may ur child love you like the way i love my parents :)

-Sarah M

Joy said...

Thank you Sarah M!


Janz said...

Ate Joy you are blooming!!! a beautiful mom indeed!!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

This looks like such a warm and welcoming baby shower! Bet your baby enjoyed it too :)

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