Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photos Speak A Thousand Words

My sister, Leah, is in town... 
And what better way to have bonding time
 than to have our prenatal photo shoot with her.

Enough said... =)


Cosmic said...

Bella! Bella! Bella!

Exquisitely-beautiful photos, thank you for sharing, Joy(Your aby is well-loved:)!


Janz said...

Beautiful pictures Ate Joy! You're blooming!!! Hot Mommy! :) regards!

Joy said...

Thank you, Cosmic!

Love love the photos...

- Joy

Joy said...

Thank you, Jaz!

- Ate Joy

Leah said...

Lovely photos... beautiful subjects! Enough said! xoxo

Barry said...

Beautiful beyond words.


Joy said...

Hi sis! Thank you!

Hello Barry! Thanks for dropping by! =)

Fé... said...

Wow.... what a marvelous photo shoot. Being pregnant is indeed a blessing from God.

Cosmic said...

Big sis has a good eye and talent for capturing her baby sis's beautiful soul essence! These precious photos wll be a much-treasured heirloom for future generations:)

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Love, joy and gorgeous baby scents!