Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Minds, Mommy's Music and Dr Seuss

I have been reading a book about brain building games for babies... And I thought just how fascinating children can be. They can actually hear mom's voice and listen to music and stories told to them while inside the womb... I've gathered that it is through this that they begin to construct the foundations to their future intellectual and emotional self.

Hence, for my little button in the womb, I have been playing a lot of classical music even if I'm not really the classical-music-type of gal. Sometimes, I find myself listening (and dancing!) to a lot of Lady Gaga's... Hey! Whatever works, right? Besides, I can feel my baby likes it based on the number of kicks he's doing. 1 kick = like it, 2 kicks = love it, 3 kicks = crazy about it and kick on the ribs = hate it, next! haha... Kidding aside, I honestly think he's becoming more fond of music as we move closer to his due date. I'm getting more reaction than before!

I have been reading to him as well which seems to lull him to sleep... He especially likes Dr Seuss' Cat in the Hat. Well, no problem! As long as he is picking up the sound of my voice...

I definitely will continue reading Dr Seuss books and play my Ipod for him daily...

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Leah said...

I wonder how many kicks you get when the precious baby hears Uncle Leonard or Uncle Dennis' voices? Hahaha! I know you get 2kicks when he hears my voice and 3kicks when he hears me sing.

Keep writing sis! xoxo

Crystal Ball said...

I admire you for reading to your baby at such an early stage. When I become a mother, I will do the same.
I hope everything is going well with your baby :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

It would be really interesting to see if this really works once the baby is here! Good thing you can easily check - you'll just have to read that book again to him and see if he still responds well to it :)

Cosmic said...

It's true, Mozart(sp)is especially stimulating for babes in the womb(Just as well I love Austria's finest:)


Cosmic said...

You're doing just great, Joy(Your baby's soo, soo smart for choosing you for his / her mommy:). Just like to recommend and suggest a book for you to enjoy, 'Babywisdom' by Deborah Jackson and maybe 'The Continuum Concept' Jean Liedloff, 'Primal Mothering in a Modern World'

Keep up the excellent work!