Friday, July 2, 2010

Ready or Not?

My husband and I have just finished attending all our prenatal classes.  It was a truly enjoyable way to bond together before the baby comes.  It also gave a certain degree of confidence since we don't know what to really expect once the little boy's finally here. 

There was a "childbirth preparation class" that taught us breathing techniques, floor exercises  and other "exciting" things that we need to do once labor and delivery comes.  It gave us a grand tour of the labor and delivery in the hospital as well as the maternal unit.   I could see that it has somewhat lessened the hubby's nervousness (even though he wouldn't really admit it).  Another good class was called "breast feeding your newborn" which taught us the fundamentals of the breast feeding process.  It enabled us to practice holding the baby with the use of dolls, proper latching techniques and all that... It was very informative and I'm more excited to breast feed now more than ever.  The hubby's most favorite class was about "baby care" which gave us information on how to handle our newborn.  It taught us how to change diapers, swaddle, give him a sponge and a full bath, take rectal temperature  etc. We had a good laugh since we were in this class with other first time parents.  You could just imagine how hilarious it was every time the men try to put  diapers on the baby and swaddle.  It was quite adorable.  They were all able to get the hang of it after several tries.  We also have an "infant emergency and cpr class" which is a must for all parents and nannies. We just love it!

Aside from these classes, we have several books on child birth preparation, baby care and others.  All the information we need on how to take care of our baby? Perhaps... But probably not!  Therefore, how could we say we're actually ready for our baby's arrival? Well...  Children doesn't come with owners' manuals after they're born.  I wish it's that easy. Every child is different.  As much as we have gathered the best information out there about child rearing, we could never be fully prepared.  There will always be moments that we don't know what to do in a particular situation... And that's all a part of the learning process.  

I guess, the best thing to do is to take one day at a time... A day at a time to get to know our babies and to give them the attention and understanding they need while armed with the knowledge that we have, parental instincts and of course, lots of unconditional love.  


Leah said...

You are so ready... now it's time to relax and wait for the little one. I'm so excited! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Joy and Nelson ~ Jon and I remember all those prenatal classes like it was just yesterday! Did it prepare us for our firstborn? Sure! Did we actually use them? Not really! I ended up having a high-risk pregnancy, a C-section and a preemie who gave La Leche League a run for their money! :~) But is it all worth it? When you gaze into your beautiful son's eyes for the first time, you'll know! May God bless all three of you!

Leonard C. Sabalvaro said...

Sister, I'm sure You and Nelson are going to be more than fine. You're right, the baby doesn't come with owner's manual, but I'm sure you both will know exactly what to in every situation. This is so exciting!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I'm sure you are ready, sounds like you now know everything a person can possibly know in theory, the rest is supposed to be learnt in practice I believe ;-)

cpsanti said...

exactly. take it a day at a time. my son is now 3 months old and i swear there were times that i wanted to give up; but it'll get easier. goodluck!