Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthing Music

I'm in the process of preparing music for my upcoming labor and delivery... I've just created a birthing playlist on my Ipod which I labeled as "Joy's Birthing Music". 

So far, I have the following songs from three of my favorite artists: 

Answer by Sarah Mclachlan
Angel by Sarah Mclachlan
Only Time by Enya
Fields of Gold by Sting

Sarah Mclachlan



I know it's not much but I'm hoping you can suggest some birthing music for me... Someone suggested putting "Push It" by Salt n Pepa on my playlist which made me laugh no end!  

I think relaxing music would work best...

What would you want to listen to if you're in labor?  

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Janz said...

Hi Ate Joy.. nice choice of music! I know this song Capri from Colbie Caillat, you might like her too. Her music is relaxing. But this song, Capri is for a baby girl, I remember you are having a baby boy?!? but still you should listen to it, its a nice song. take care!

Leah said...

Enya is a great choice... very relaxing!

Cosmic said...

It's gotta be Mozart as babies love(are stimulated:)Mozart. I'm impressed with little one's mommy's choice too!


anks said...

My playlist has been an album called Garbh Sanskar... (Garbh = Womb and Sanskar = Values)

It is a collectiion of ancient sanskrit verses and light instrumental music to instill values in the baby while in the womb... i don't understand sanskrit so the verses don't make sense to me, but the music is soothing... see if you can hear some of it online....

Rajee said...

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