Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I've been busy!

Dear Friends and Readers…  I know I have not done my part to keep up with blogging.  Here's what has kept me busy for the past year or so... 

New Job… May of last year, I got accepted for a research position at Stanford Pediatric Hematology/Oncology division.  

Then, November of the same year, I had a new baby!  My handsome boy Gabrio came to the world and rocked our lives, especially Renzo's. =) (More about Gab later!)

Household with two boys.  Period.  

Renzo started to go to a new preschool/day care. 

This guy moved in next door. Do you know him? 

Baby got very sick. (He's better now… Will tell you more.)

A good friend got married.

Another wedding, this time a very close niece and friend…

Finally, we went home to the Philippines for an extended vacation.  This is a whole new chapter in our lives. (Again, will tell about it later.)

See? I had so many excuses! Haha… Now I'm back. Promise to do better in keeping in touch.  How have you been? Drop me a line or two.  


penoyski sabater said...

wow sis! you're back! will wait for the adventurous stories about your life especially the boys :)

Cosmic said...

MY OH've been a busy bee mama, Joy!

Belated congrats on the birth of your 2nd baby boy & speaking of which Baby Renzo has blossomed into a fine young fellow(where does the time go?!), how old is he now?

Congrats on the professional upgrade status(I guess motherhood help play a part here being a child-focused post::-)

Good to hear the update from you, how's your big sis, Leah?!


rebecca Hauck said...

AHHH!!!! A new baby boy!? This makes my heart happy. :) I'm glad to see you back and I can't wait to hear about all you've been up to in detail!