Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kitchen Love

It's been awfully quiet around here.  Guess everyone's pretty busy.  I was a bit preoccupied myself.  I got into liking being in the kitchen... To cook! Of course! Well, love to whip up some favorite Filipino dishes for the husband and to introduce my little boy to the taste of the Philippines.  I make him Adobo (Chicken cooked in soysauce and vinegar), Ginisang Kalabasa (Stir-fried squash) and Afritada (Chicken in tomato sauce) to name a few.  I also have started baking... First, I made apple pies... Then cookies - oatmeal chocolate chip is a favorite, muffins and cupcakes.  I love to bake especially for Renzo.  He's my number 1 fan.  I think he likes everything I make.  Mommy knows best, right?  Let me share with you some recipes later on.  Happy Monday everyone!


ButterflyLilies said...

I'm glad I found your blog- I'm Filipina too and a first time mom (son is now 9 months). Its nice to read about mommy adventures :) and even better when its from a "kababayan"!

Cosmic said...