Saturday, May 28, 2011

The 10-Month Old Living At Home

Renzo watching his educational videos.  Do they work? Hmmm... Not really sure yet.

Favorite past time: Crawling!

Right in front of our house... A passers-by thought he was a girl probably cause of the all-white outfit. 

After his bath... He loves it! We now have moved from his baby bath tub to the big bath tub!

Our little boy's not so little anymore... Every single day he learns something new.  It's just wonderful!  


Ana Kamila G. Niguidula said...

he is so cutttte!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Definitely not so little any more!! As for the all white outfit... It's the fact that he wears white and seats on a white blanket that is confusing here... Because for a moment I thought he was wearing a dress!! lol

Mama Hauck said...

Renzo looks so sweet in that last photo. I wish they would stay little forever. :(